Our Story

From humble Beginnings, the story of Mayfair Bed Co is that of sacrifice & passion blossoming in a euphoric setting. Being educated at the finest of textiles schools in Britannia our forefather absorbing, each and every day, a taste for perfection that stays emblazoned on one’s mind for the rest of one’s life.

We began with just 2 people working tirelessly to create the most exquisite hand crafted beds; Now we are a premium upholstery team of 54, with operations in the bustling and fashionable setting of SW London. Our craftsmen have a deeply rooted passion for entire manufacturing process. We are firm believers that this care and attention to details sparks an energy and integrity in the finished product that could never be duplicated by mass manufacture.

Since December 2012, Mayfair Bed Company began the manufacture of its world renowned luxury hand crafted mattresses. All the mattresses we sell are hand crafted by specialist highly skilled craftsmen in house to the highest possible standards of comfort. We use only the finest quality materials and each and every mattress goes through a strict quality control before being delivered to our wonderful customers. We ensure you receive the best and most comfortable mattresses available.

Mayfair Bed Co is a sign of quality – which can only be applied by our Master Craftsmen. All our upholsterers also thoroughly asses your beds before they are packaged to ensure they meet the very high standards we set from the date we were founded.